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Sand slurry sealing is the best way to improve both the looks and functionality of any paved space. While there are certainly other options for sealing pavement, sand slurry sealing in the GTA is by far the most functional and longest lasting. Learning a little more about the product and how it’s applied can help property owners and managers decide if it’s the right option for their unique needs. Like any other service, it pays to bring in only the most experienced and professional team to ensure the best results for your paved space.

What is Sand Slurry Sealant?

Sand slurry sealant is typically made with a mixture of graded aggregates, refined tar emulsion, polymer modifiers, and a mineral filler. When mixed properly and applied to an existing paved surface, it creates a rock hard surface that both beautifies and adds increased grip. Sand slurry sealant can be applied to roads, access ramps, parking lots, and just about anywhere else you might find a paved surface. While very hard and versatile, sand slurry cannot be used to fill potholes or cracks, and shouldn’t be used to correct surface profile issues. All of these things should be corrected or repaired prior to the application of any sealant.

Preparing the Area

Preparing an area for sand slurry sealant can be easily compared to preparing a wall for paint. It must be clean and dry before beginning. Some lesser paving companies would have you preparing the area on your own before their arrival to cut down on the time the need to spend at each job site. The most sought after in the industry will prep the area themselves using power sweepers. No matter how big or small the area to be sealed is, the right paving team has a mechanical solution to make speedy work of the task.


Every type of sealant designed for use on asphalt can stain concrete and grass areas. For this reason, a truly professional team will border sections of the pavement touching curbs or grass by hand with a brush or squeegee. Once bordered, they can begin applying the sand slurry mixture. For bigger paved areas and for anyone looking to have the job done as quickly as possible, a well-equipped team can bring their application vehicle. It’s a truly impressive machine able to apply sealant in strips up to fourteen feet wide at a time. Best of all, the finest team available in the GTA can work around your schedule to minimize any inconveniences associated with the process.
When it comes to protecting paved surfaces and giving them new life, there’s no better product out there than a sand slurry sealant. It’s incredibly durable and can be applied substantially faster than a full resurfacing job. However, like any other product or service, it’s important to choose a professional and experienced team with the training and know-how to get the job done right the first time. When the right team is chosen they’ll even help clean up the workspace when they’re finished, and your cement surfaces and grass won’t suffer any damage from messy workmanship. Contact the most reputable team in the GTA today and get your project started at your earliest convenience.

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